Hot Shots was such a wonderful week for (my daughters). Thank you. I wanted you to know your coaches are not only talented, but they are thoughtful too. They made a point to come to me and share thoughts about the girls as players , and I just need you to know that it meant so much to hear. The speakers you provided were wonderful. They made a positive impact on the girls - the girls truly "heard" the messages. So cool to hear them give the highlights (great dinner conversation :)) Enjoy always and know that people like me appreciate you working so hard to provide opportunities like this for the girls to learn. Colleen (Parent)

Thank you so much for the great coaches you had at camp this summer. I know they helped me get better in lacrosse with helpful tips about skill and fitness. I will be a better player on my school team this year. I really had fun at camp. Jenn (Camper)

My daughter is in the Tot program. I wanted to let you know she ABSOLUTELY LOVED camp today. I am a soccer/basketball coach and know how hard it can be to coach this age. Your coaches must be doing a great job! I haven't stopped hearing about (camp and the coaches) since I picked her up. Renee  (Parent)

Thanks for opportunity to work at such a great camp with a wonderful group of individuals! I truly enjoyed the energy and style of your camp all led by you. Janelle (Coach)

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for including me in your Hot Shots camp! It was such a fun experience and I felt so welcomed. You run a wonderful camp for the players and coaches - everyone is lucky to have a positive camp experience to be apart of. Katie (Coach)

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed your camp. She had never played before and is now is totally pumped about it! Not sure what your magic was, but  between learning about the sport and the life lesson talks she's still on a high. Thank you. T.P.  (Parent)

Thank you for running such a great camp.  This is (my two daughters) second year and they can't wait for next year. You and Mrs. Grossman do such a wonderful job so thank you, thank you!  Brie  (parent)

Thank you for a great camp. 
My daughter enjoyed it very much. She said she learned to be better at cradling and enjoyed the coaches very much. 
She honestly enjoyed waking up each day to go. Thank you and all of the coaches!!   Erik - (Parent)

Hi!  Thank you so much for having L. at your camp!  We were supposed to leave Thursday morning for her hockey tourney in Boston but we couldn't leave until the afternoon because she had so much fun and didn't want to miss a day!  Hope to see you again next year!   Jill D (Parent)

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